Claire Haddad 1960’s Loungewear creations

Claire Haddad 1970’s Loungewear


Claire Haddad 1980’s Loungewear



5 thoughts on “Fashion”

  1. I am so delighted to have found this site! What a joy to read about a Canadian fashion icon like Claire Haddad! I was researching a lovely white muslin and lace prairie style nightgown from the 1960’s with Claire’s tag inside. I knew right away it was a quality piece but I am thrilled to learn of it’s pedigree. It will be offered for sale (with full history) in my vintage shop on Etsy: TanteQ Vintage.
    Thank you, Claire, for what you have done for Canadian fashiion!
    Annette Graydon
    Terra Cotta, Ontario

    • Thanks for posting! I hope its ok to take some pictures of our grandmother’s piece you have from your etsy page to post here, I can link them to your site. We hope to update additional photos in the near future as this site has not been updated much in the last couple years, getting them digital is a challenge! Its Claire’s 90th birthday week and I will let her know she still has some fans.
      granddaughter of Claire Haddad

      • Yes, please! The photos are mine so you have my permission to use them. And please include my warmest birthday greetings to Claire! I have read up on her amazing career and am delighted to have come across her via this lovely nightie!


  2. Carmitta Winstone said:

    Hello, I was so pleased to find this site about Mrs. Haddad. When I was a child my mother was a house keeper for the Haddads, I grew up accompanying my mother to
    their home weekly during the summers. My mother’s name is Cecilia Mendes and mine is Carmitta. Please pass our regards onto Mrs. Haddad, she was always such
    a kind lady to us. I do remember Andrea being at the house periodically and how I admired how beautiful she was!!
    I am so pleased to be sending this note. Please do respond if Mrs. Haddad has
    received this note.


  3. What a story, what a legacy, I am happy to have found… and now own the gorgeous pale pink marabou gown and nightgown (peignoir set), complete with the rhinestone belt…. What a beauty and what a blessing to own a piece of Canadian fashion history.

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