portrait11122014Welcome to the legacy of Claire Haddad ~ Order of Canada recipient and fashion designer to the stars. As an ongoing project by her daughter and granddaughter, we have scanned decades of old magazine clippings from her scrapbooks, available to browse on this site as an archive of her incredible life and creative vision.

Claire’s grandson Christopher Zabaneh made the following video in 2007 for a film editing course, which remains one of the few videos available online about our ever fashionable and vibrant grandmother.

Claire Haddad donated her loungewear archives to Seneca College fashion resource center in Toronto. Photos from our Seneca visit for a special presentation in the spring of 2011 are featured in the slideshow Below. Her legacy is featured in the Seneca Fashion Resource Center blog posts: Canadian Fashion Icon (1927-2016) and  A Canadian Fashion Dynasty.

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Please enjoy browsing this site’s resources. If you would like to contact Claire’s granddaughter Hala Zabaneh (site curator) and daughter Andrea Haddad Zabaneh, you may complete the form below. Public comment fields are also available at the bottom of pages and posts.


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10 thoughts on “Portrait”

  1. Glad to see this site about one of Canada’s past fashion designers. I am including a Claire Haddad garment in my book about 1960s fashion due to be printed by Thames and Hudson in about a year (its still in the writing stage!) The outfit is from the Seneca Fashion Resource Centre where Claire donated her archives 15 years ago.

  2. Hello,
    I have a couple of fantastic Claire haddad peignoir sets. If you like, I would be happy to send pictures to you for your use.


  3. wow! I’m so happy that I googled Claire finally! I knew that she was involved in fashion, but I had no idea to what extent! Her work is absolutely beautiful, and I’ll have to be sure to tell her that next time I see her 🙂

  4. What a lovely blog, I just happened on it today while researching this peignoir set I have of yours. If you would like a photo for your designs page, just let me know.

    Happy to see Jonathan will be including one of your designs in his book!

    Mary Jane

  5. I was recently doing some research on the name Haddad which brought me back to some memories in the late 60’s & early 70’s. The prominent name of Claire HADDAD is very well known by my family and you were friends of my parents (now passed). I was very young when I first heard the name and was wondering if you would remember Ernie & Betty. I would very much appreciate being contacted by the Haddad family to make this speical inquiry.

  6. McCord Museum said:

    We would love to talk to Claire about her memories of the Great Canadian Fashion Caper at Expo 67! Contact us at e-mail provided.

  7. Nadia Coury Pippus said:

    My family lived in Toronto from 1956-1959. My parents became friends with Claire and Al Haddad..I can remember visiting their home as a child and Mother and Father speaking of them often after we moved back to California. Both my parents recently passed away Dad 6/28/2014 at the age of 98 and Mother recently, 12/24/2015, also at the age of 98. I have been sorting through their personal items that are bringing back so many memories. I just opened a drawer filled with cream colored silk pajamas with robes, Oriental in design…a couple still have tags on them..all designed by Claire…never worn, but kept lovingly wrapped in tissue. On a whim I decided to see if I could find any information, and came upon this website..what a pleasant surprise.
    My Father’s name was Chandler Coury, he moved us to Toronto to start up Diner’s Club in Canada. My Mother’s name was June, but she went by the name of Skip, a nickname given her by my Father went they were courting. I am their daughter, Nadia, I’m the only living relative as my brother, Chandler or Chad also passed away in 2015. I would be interested to know if Claire might remember them. Thank you for your time.

  8. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman who I knew through my mother, fashion writer Sybil Young. As I looked through the Clippings section, I saw many articles written by my mother about Ms. Haddad. Pleasant and nostalgic memories of the past.

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